Just For You Counselling & Psychotherapy

Just For You Counselling & Psychotherapy


I attended Mary since September 2019 with severe anxiety panic and low mood. I was extremely reluctant to attend at first, but Mary put me at ease and I actually began to look forward to my sessions with her at such a difficult time in my life.

Therapy helped me to achieve balance and regulate my emotions.

I would not hesitate to return to Mary in the future, if I am ever in need of counselling again.

— R.S.

I was a broken person, tearful, nervous when I started with Mary four months ago.

Her compassion, kindness, understanding and skill as a counsellor helped me to get my life back on track.

She taught me to be kind to myself.

I feel both empowered and indeed fortunate by all that I gained in session with Mary.

— X

When my parent passed away I went to see Mary.

She was very kind, compassionate and so very patient with me.

She allowed me to grieve my beloved parent at my own pace.

She did not try to rush me.

I highly recommend Mary as the person to go to if you require professional, caring and compassionate counselling.

— X

I had some very unpleasant past experiences when I commenced counselling.

Through Mary's gentle, patient and compassionate personality I was able to bring my negative past experiences to the surface, look at them, examine and explore them in the safety of the therapeutic relationship with Mary.

— X

Through the counselling I was able to process and integrate them and move on with my life, without the heavy burden of those negative past experiences weighing me down, and constantly casting a dark shadow over my everyday life.

— X

Mary's ability to stand back and see the wood from the trees is what assisted me greatly as I found the "real me" in the therapy room.

Mary is an extremely competent, compassionate and caring counsellor.

— X